21 Feb 2015

Vessel Forming Course at North Lands Creative Glass

Vessel Forming Course

7 day course at North Lands Creative Glass

Blooming Vessels

21 - 27 June 2015
Inspiration from the beautiful Highlands in full bloom with gardens perched on the edge of the land overlooking the North Sea; the starting point for a new skills class at North Lands Creative Glass this Summer. Amanda Simmons will lead a 7 day gravity formed vessel course for experienced kiln formers looking to experiment with larger scale vessels and hand made moulds.
Playing with gravity, mass, heat and time, you will make unique kiln formed vessels inspired by field trips to Dunbeath Castle in Caithness and Dunrobin Castle Gardens in neighbouring Sutherland. The group will investigate these two sites, the gardens, the plants that withstand the harsh conditions and the stunning sea, sky and landscapes we see along the way.
Fusing, slumping and cold working experience is preferable as Amanda will be spending more time on a one to one basis with each student. We will cover the basics of vessel making by producing small vessels as samples for the larger project.

6 Jan 2015

London Boat Show


My first show of 2015 is at the London Boat Show at ExCel London, exhibiting work with Princess Yachts via the art agency Artelier.

A few neutral toned pieces for the luxury yachts on display.

4 Dec 2014

Pittsburgh Post Gazette Review of Evolve

"Many artists of this exhibition work outside that more robust format, as in Canadian Cheryl Wilson Smith’s poetically titled and patiently layered “Winter’s Lichen,” which also suggests mesas and coral; “Glass Lace,” comprising individually made parts combined by Manuela Castro Martins of Portugal; and the exquisite oval bowl shapes, “Bird and Bone” and “Feather From the Swallows,” by Amanda Simmons of Britain."

Mary Thomas
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
December 3rd 2014

Extract from the review of Emerge / Evolve at the Pittsburgh Glass Centre with Bullseye Glass


21 Nov 2014

SOFA Chicago work Publication - Dahlia Universe

I've written about my series of work exhibited with Craft Scotland at SOFA Chicago November 2014....works in progress, background development work and finished pieces.

12 Nov 2014

Winter guest at Fitch & McAndrew

Hannah McAndrew

A wonderful bonus of living in such a highly condensed area of artists is getting together for an exhibition. Myself, Hazel Campbell, fine artist and our hosts Hannah McAndrew and Doug Fitch, both slipware potters, will be opening their studio for an evening of getting to know the artists in the form of small talks and films. We will also be having an open studio type sale of our work (Friday evening and Saturday....see poster for details/times of opening and studio address).

Hazel Campbell


Doug Fitch


Hazel Campbell 

 Hannah McAndrew

27 Oct 2014

SOFA Chicago with Craft Scotland

Dahlia Universe

I will be exhibiting new work at SOFA Chicago with Craft Scotland opening on November 6th through til 9th. We are on stand 723 with a great showcase of modern craft made in Scotland. Also showing Alison Kinnaird, Choi Keeryong, Gilly Langton, Jeff Zimmer, Kathryn Hinton, Lara Scobie, Misun Won, Morag Macpherson, Stacey Bentley and Thomas Hopkins Gibson.

24 Oct 2014

Artist Talk in New York

I head off to the States for an adventure next week, firstly teaching at Bullseye Glass resource Centre New York for a 3 day vessel forming course and then off to SOFA Chicago.

I'll be speaking at Bullseye on Saturday November 1st at 5.30pm on the 2nd day of the course whilst Uncommon Beauty, a group show with myself, Rachel radar and Ted Sawyer, will be on in the gallery. I'm going to talk about the influence of a residency in the Highlands and how my work has changed since and what I'm planning for next year.

13 Jul 2014

Review in Pittsburgh Tribune for Synthesis II

Kurt Shaw from The Pittsburgh Tribune Review has written an article on the inspiration behind the pieces on show at Morgan Contemporary Glass in the current show Synthesis II.
Here is an excerpt from the article about my piece Swallows Flight.
"Amanda Simmons' large glass vessel “Swallows Flight” was made after attending a residency at North Lands Creative Glass in Caithness, Scotland. This kiln-formed piece is about creating a “beacon” for the abandoned croft houses in rural Scotland, where Simmons lives in a tiny village called Corsock in Dumfries and Galloway, southwest Scotland.
The purpose of this beacon, Simmons says, is “to bring the people back to the land just like the returning swallows that live half the year in the empty buildings and also in my studio.”
“I spend many hours at my kiln building intricate layers of glass powders whilst the swallows watch on, chattering and swooping above my head,” she says. “When the piece is lit well, you can see these flight paths illuminated.”

Read more: http://triblive.com/aande/museums/6413339-74/glass-says-piece#ixzz37M8DVhky
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