13 Apr 2015

Spring Fling International

Some wonderful images by Colin Tennant for Spring Fling Open Studio's first International exhibition in Berlin. Very happy to have been selected for this great exhibition...more images here.

(all links above for more details).

30 Mar 2015

Emerge Evolve at Bellevue Arts Museum

A few shots from the Emerge Evolve show taken by Lani McGregor on her recent visit. Lovely to see the work displayed so beautifully and lit so atmospherically. Happy kiln former!

http://www.bellevuearts.org/exhibitions/emerge_evolve_2014.html A link to the Museum

For more about Bullseye Projects http://www.bullseyeprojects.com/index.cfm

My work on plinths and wonderful wall work by Martie Negri.

All Pictures by Lani McGregor Bullseye Projects

27 Mar 2015

Crafts Council Makers Directory goes Live

The Crafts Council have just launched the new Makers Directory. There are some familiar faces and a wide range of contemporary craft to search through. Here's the link to my profile...still have some projects to load.

(Cluster II - from Collect 2014 with Contemporary Applied Arts)

18 Mar 2015

Spring Exhibition at The Green Gallery

New spring-like pieces are headed off to the Green Gallery in Aberfoyle for their Spring Exhibition opening 22nd March

See www.greengallery.com for more details.

21 Feb 2015

Vessel Forming Course at North Lands Creative Glass

Vessel Forming Course

7 day course at North Lands Creative Glass

Blooming Vessels

21 - 27 June 2015
Inspiration from the beautiful Highlands in full bloom with gardens perched on the edge of the land overlooking the North Sea; the starting point for a new skills class at North Lands Creative Glass this Summer. Amanda Simmons will lead a 7 day gravity formed vessel course for experienced kiln formers looking to experiment with larger scale vessels and hand made moulds.
Playing with gravity, mass, heat and time, you will make unique kiln formed vessels inspired by field trips to Dunbeath Castle in Caithness and Dunrobin Castle Gardens in neighbouring Sutherland. The group will investigate these two sites, the gardens, the plants that withstand the harsh conditions and the stunning sea, sky and landscapes we see along the way.
Fusing, slumping and cold working experience is preferable as Amanda will be spending more time on a one to one basis with each student. We will cover the basics of vessel making by producing small vessels as samples for the larger project.

6 Jan 2015

London Boat Show


My first show of 2015 is at the London Boat Show at ExCel London, exhibiting work with Princess Yachts via the art agency Artelier.

A few neutral toned pieces for the luxury yachts on display.

4 Dec 2014

Pittsburgh Post Gazette Review of Evolve

"Many artists of this exhibition work outside that more robust format, as in Canadian Cheryl Wilson Smith’s poetically titled and patiently layered “Winter’s Lichen,” which also suggests mesas and coral; “Glass Lace,” comprising individually made parts combined by Manuela Castro Martins of Portugal; and the exquisite oval bowl shapes, “Bird and Bone” and “Feather From the Swallows,” by Amanda Simmons of Britain."

Mary Thomas
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
December 3rd 2014

Extract from the review of Emerge / Evolve at the Pittsburgh Glass Centre with Bullseye Glass


21 Nov 2014

SOFA Chicago work Publication - Dahlia Universe

I've written about my series of work exhibited with Craft Scotland at SOFA Chicago November 2014....works in progress, background development work and finished pieces.