14 Mar 2007

Preliminary Results for Glass and Light Research

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Corsock Glass recently received The Craftmakers Award from the Scottish Arts Council and Dumfries and Galloway Council for a proposal of research on glass and light in architectural settings. The initial need for this research came from an expanding list of public art commissions. Working on a larger scale and within public buildings gave me the opportunity to work on lighting schemes and to incorporate the light given as creatively as the use of glass.
These images are not'photoshopped' (except for a little brightness adjustment) - they are the product of initially photographing a cast piece of glass with varying light sources, these images are then projected onto a screen of a wall (for texture) and then re-photographed (changing angles and taking macro shots)....sometimes this process is done a few times.
I have experimented with this process over a few years but my recent award gave me time to research lighting suppliers and new technology (visiting Arc 07 at the Business Design Centre) and a concentrated period to take the images.
Drawing has always been a frustrating process when designing glass - sketching for form i find easy, but trying to convey colour and light is much more difficult. I tend to make a lot of samples to investigate my own medium and use these instead of drawings for inspiration for work.
The surprising result from my research is discovering 'drawing' with light is the perfect way for me to design, what i previously thought as playing has become an important tool for making my work.

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