1 Nov 2007

Christmas at Corsock Glass

It has been a busy year for us in Corsock and to round it off nicely we are showing in a few galleries for Christmas.

Gracefield Arts Centre, Dumfries

The Whitehouse Gallery, Kirkcudbright

Cafe Jello, Cambridge

The Smithy Gallery, Blanefield, Glasgow

Cecilia Colman Gallery, London

Shakespeare Glass, Taunton

Winter Warmth, The Park Gallery, Falkirk

Details of all can be found on our stockists blog (see under Links)
Above is 'Rhododendron Alley' plus detail image. This piece has been waiting to come out since we first moved to Scotland and rented a wee cottage on a managed Forestry Estate. We had acres of land to roam with hundreds of rhododendron bushes scattering the pathways. One particular route through the estate my husband named rhododendron alley and in Spring it was an amazing sight....(Thank you Cynthia for reminding me about the passion!).
This piece was fired firstly 3 times to build up the cut pieces of glass and frit, each time slightly evolving to what i had in mind. It has become about 12mm thick by now and is ready to have it's edges ground and the whole surface sandblasted. The piece is in a series of large cast bowls that have been diamond point engraved (see Bramble, Hogweed, Amber disc and sweetpea); however i only wanted some minimal free-flowing engraving on this piece. It then is re-sandblasted and slumped over a ceramic mould at a low temperature to maintain the matt surface.

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