11 Nov 2007

Double Vision

Most of my work up til now has been one-off pieces or a series of work on a similar theme but all different. I attended my first trade fair in September which meant receiving orders for the same piece. Of course even repeating a design dosen't mean they will look exactly the same but i quite like how these two pieces go together.
Titled '3 Pod' it continues a recurrent idea of 'pods' which to me symbolise home, warmth, comfort and safety. These pieces are built with seperately cast neo-lavendar and mint green pods which are then re-cast in a mould with french vanilla. each piece is then ground to shape, sandblasted and engraved (a further sandblast) and then slumped to form.


Hannah said...

Work is looking very very nice Amanda, cheers me up no end here!

Christine said...

These pieces are very facsinating! You mention casting in this piece. I am not very familiar with this technique. Could you explain how you did it in more detail? Or, if this is your "trade secret," then I will understand if you don't want to explain it.


ajsimmons said...

Hi Christine

Thanks for your comments. The pods were built using fibre board cut outs in the required pod shape. The board was approx 25mm thick and gave pods about 20mm. These were then placed in a 'dam' set up (see Bullseye box casting tip sheet)to the shape of the final dish and filled with cut french vanilla. Hope this helps.
Thanks Amanda