20 Jan 2008


In Summer last year I was commissioned by Adam Booth at Pipers Forge (Architectural Blacksmith based in Dumfries and Galloway) to make glass bugs for his beautiful Poppy Gate. This was installed in early January at a Primary school in Cambridge.

Each glass bug is unique (i cast 50 of them), all bright colours but mostly using a palette from the real bug world. After casting they were ground to shape and then diamond point engraved to give them a 'buggy' shape and texture. After sandblasting and drilling 100 eye holes they returned to the kiln for a fire polish (to make them shiny).

We spent a few days drilling into the gates and attaching them securely to both sides of the gate within the 'grass'. The security bolts brought the bugs to life as the light reflects around their eyes. The bugs were placed on both sides of the gate in clumps.

It took me a while to get used to the bright glass on Adams' gates as i am used to seeing them in their pure black glory but in-situ i think they look really fun.

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Hannah said...

They do look really great on the gates, the kids will love them. Well done!