15 Mar 2008

Underwater Challenge

I have been working on this commission for two years, mostly waiting for the building to start but finally it has been installed. The site is a new build on the Forres Business Park (Forres is on the North East coast of Scotland, east of Inverness).

The brief from the Underwater Camera Company taking the lease of the building was for a water and porthole theme. The work is sited in the main reception area of the building. Dimensions are 1.8m x 1m in total.

I wanted the viewer to be taken from the outside of the building, where you see the pools of textured ripples of the cast glass in the middle of water imprints left on the sand (made out of white cast concrete panels). The viewer is then invited to plunge underwater into the portholes to see the watery depths underneath (when walking into the reception). The glow of the blues and greens are very calming.

As you can see these are installation photos as there are finishing touches to the building left to do. There is also the LED strips integral to the oak frames of the glass to be connected. These are placed directly underneath and top of each glass panel and will come on with the external lighting at night. This will make the glass glow and emphasise the bubbles and hopefully be a feature point on the Business Park.


Hannah said...

Hey finally we get to see it! Excellant! I like it, be good to see it when the building is finished.
The pieces on the last entry are rather lovely, is that what's planned for Harrogate?

ajsimmons said...

Finally!.....I'm so glad it has come together how i'd imagined!

Colours and textures will be similar from the affordable art fair for BCTF....maybe a bit more spring like!!

A x