15 Apr 2008

Spring in Corsock

Having a quiet day today as pulled muscle in neck, luckily it's a beautiful Spring day. I recieved a Wild Cherry tree in the post unexpectedly this morning. It was a thank you gift from my potter friend Hannah thanking me for driving to the British Craft Trade Fair (my pleasure Hannah!....Thank You for such a fab gift!). The tree was from http://www.tree2mydoor.com/ (great ideas for green presents).
Then I spotted the young cows in the field next to my workshop being very nosey and then Snowy being nosey about the cows and what I was doing! Sometimes it's nice just to sit still for a minute or two......


Hannah said...

My pleasure, glad you like the tree.
The new pictures are just lovely, you don't need a photographer. They look really fab. Wish I could take pics like that.
The work of course is great too, I like the gentleness of it.

ajsimmons said...

You'll have to bring a box round one day and let me take some pictures (would love to have a go with some of your work!).

Looking forward to finding out about your weekend! Ax

Hannah said...

oh yes please!!!! will certainly do that!