17 May 2008

7 Days...emerging work

I have been working on a few themes for Spring Fling and finally some work is finished (top image 'Blossom' and blue word dish...not brilliant images i'm afraid). The first is a recurrent theme in my work since I relocted to Dumfries and Galloway, living here you cannot ignore. them as each season they are spectacular....trees; the other is a series of work inspired by some 1960's and 70's wooden printing blocks (from my sister-in-law).

......still much to do!


ang said...

more good stuff, I can see why you work with glass and light plus you take really good shots..

ajsimmons said...

Thanks Ang, again....images not so good on this post but as you can see from previous posting, i'm not one for daily blogging!
Isn't it quiet without Hannah...miss her blog!

ang said...

yes really quiet, hopefully there will be lots of tales to tell and pics to see from both hannah & doug, I must say I've found all these blogs to be encouraging, thanks