15 May 2008

9 Days part two

Occasionally I am asked to show groups around the workshop and gallery, such as The Woman's Rural or Guild groups......I love doing this, although I do get nervous, but really enjoy sharing my passion for glass and how it has me hooked. Yesterday I had The Pleasant Tuesday Evening Group (on a Wednesday!) from Kircudbright (what a great name). I was closing up the workshop later on in the evening when I noticed the sun coming through a window I'm not used to in the day....the top two images are old work, from my post grad course at St Martins, but loved the light coming through them ....with no photoshopping needed. The bottom image is work in progress!


ang said...

that 1st image with the sun coming through is truly stunning..

ajsimmons said...

Hi Ang

Thanks for your lovely comment....I was running round the house desperately trying to find my camera, then realising the battery was flat...just to get that image!