1 Jun 2008

Precious at Cupola Gallery

'Precious'Selected mixed group exhibition of Glass and Jewellery.

Exhibition Runs - Friday 30th May - Saturday 28th June 2008

Open Evening - Friday 30th May 7.30pm – 9.30pm

Precious is a selected group show of a wide variety of glass (functional and non functional) and both ‘precious and non-precious’ jewellery from artists and designer makers from around the country. Artists and makers have responded to the title ‘Precious’ in their own way, making or delivering work, which they feel ‘fits’ the name and theme of the show."I have linked glass with jewellery for similar reasons, as glass itself is regularly viewed as both fragile and precious and yet the variety of uses and number of ways it can manifest itself means this is an altogether simplistic and narrow understanding of its versatility. Artists and makers are often inspired by the natural world, which is a ‘precious’ resource. This consideration can be seen in the choice of subject matter and materials choices of a number of artists taking part in this show. “Karen Sherwood, Managing Director.

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