20 Jul 2008

North Lands Creative Glass nr Wick

Very excited as i have been selected to join a Masterclass at North Lands Creative Glass this Summer.......

Jiri Harcuba & April Surgent 'Tradition & Innovation'
In collaboration with April Surgent Jiri Harcuba will lead a course in which students reexamine the various techniques of glass engraving. Harcuba and Surgent have established a unique working relationship in which tradition and innovation combine to create engraved imagery. Their mutual admiration for one another has brought a new spirit to this area of glass making. There will be discussions, demonstrations and hands on sessions during which students will be encouraged to discuss their own ideas and aspirations. The course is based on the sculptural aspects of engraving, intaglio and cameo engraving and painterly qualities achievable by carving on coloured glass. We will also investigate vitreography, printing from engraved glass plates.

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