9 Aug 2008

Layered Glass Landscapes

We have been in Corsock over two years now. With the help of Snowy, I have discovered much of our local landscape through all seasons. I really enjoy watching the plant life change and grow and this seems to have entered my sub-conscious. It's always a difficult job for an artist to emmulate the beauty and diversity of nature and I have found it a challenge to represent the scale of the landscape in my work. These panels are the start of some sculptural ideas I have...to make mini-3d sketches of my home. These are layered thin Bullseye Glass sheets, fused and engraved through with diamond point burrs.
I'm hoping to continue this work in much more depth on my course at North Lands Creative Glass.


Hannah said...

bloody hell! these are grgeous!
you're just amazing you know.

ajsimmons said...

...shucks Hannah....very nice reaction...I like them too (good to have brainwaves!!)....A x

ang said...

wow love these, brilliant work they'd look great in my place!!