3 Aug 2008

Mini Ember Bud Vases

Happy Birthday to my dad for the 1st August....a very big 70 but you wouldn't know it (he is a very lucky man as his wife, Pauline, bought him 2 days tuition with a fabulous jeweller, Sarah Stafford...wish I could go too....)

August already....not sure where the year goes but very happy with this set but still need some decent lighting. These are made in a similar way to all other drops but using a smaller hole for the glass to 'drop' through. I have no idea what these flowers are called but they are in abundance in the garden at the moment and complimented the glass colours well.


Hannah said...

No idea about the flowers either but we've got some too and all I generally seem to cultivate is weeds.
That colour is quite something isn't it. Look fab.

ajsimmons said...

...found them whilst going through a plant catalogue...crocosmia...or something like that! A x

ajsimmons said...

...or to be more precise 'Crocosmia Lucifer'....which makes me laugh!

A link to see the plants....

Many thanks Alix x