26 Aug 2008

Off for a while....

....but will be back with lots of lovely glass soon!


Lani said...

Hi Amanda,
I feel like a complete idiot. That was YOU in the North Lands studio! People should have to wear their blog names on their foreheads when they go out into the real world!

I hope you had a great time at the class...you're not still here are you?

I hope you'll share pics of the work you did here. My camera is not working properly...grrrrr....

Again, sorry to not have realized you were YOU!!! I love what you're doing with the new cut work!

Cheers, Lani

ajsimmons said...

Hope the conference went well Lani....had to get back to the workshop and home but absolutely loved North Lands and it's whole ethos...learned much and inspired beyond belief by April and Jiri...really looking forward to seeing images from their Bullseye exhibition....I'm sure we will meet again in some strange glass venue and I shall introduce myself better!
Amanda x