24 Sep 2008

North Lands Creative Glass Masterclass Part Three

A video of April using the stone grinder, bit nosy and sideways.

Day 4 started with the air grinder with stone wheel demo.....great fun for quick expressive sketches. I will be using this in my workshop soon as have had these sitting around for a while but didn't think to use it creatively.

My go with a blank of Bullseye that I took with me to work on the course. The stone wheel can achieve deep marks quickly even on Bullseye.

More views around Lybster; in it's history Lybster was an important fishing community. It has since become a much quieter place but North Lands involve and include the local community whilst running it's courses. This is an old church opposite to where I stayed...would love to work on those windows.

Really enjoying the printing aspect of the course and would like to learn more...we are lucky in that Gracefield Arts in Dumfries has a dedicated non-toxic print workshop so I may have to look into to this to appreciate using more than one colour and fine tuning the approach.

Spent most of the afternoon printing using Daler-Rowney water soluble colours. April gave a powder demonstration, showing us the technique of layering Bullseye powders (a powder layer is much easier to engrave through than a sheet). The coloured jugs are in the sandblasting room (knew I couldn't keep away from a sandblaster for long!).....

Day 5 began with a demo on copper wheel engraving. We were very lucky to have Denis Mann on our course, who is an established engraver himself, as well as one of the founder members of North Lands. He along with Zak Hinderyckx (from USA, who does the best squirrel and cats bottom impressions ever!) as the technical assistant on the course, were extremely helpful in answering many of our technical questions and Denis with some very interesting places to visit (more on that later). Generally working on the lathes and designs the rest of the day.

Quick sketch of Snowy...missing them all at home.....

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Hannah said...

i want to print too! I keep meaning to do one of the courses but always am busy when they happen.
These posts are so exciting. The little snippets of work are very enticing too.