1 Jan 2009

New Ways of Working

Trying something new this year (no, not just a new template....). As I already knew what work I have until June I decided to work on a theme for the year. It's all been too much of a rush the last two years, working right up to deadlines and never having enough time to develop the work. It's a very loose theme which can have many sub-plots, but is based around 'light & shade'.

The idea began when I was awarded the Craftmakers grant from the Scottish Arts Council and Dumfries & Galloway Council, given for time to develop wall based cameo engraved work (following on from the fantastic time I had at Northlands Creative Glass). I'm working on the project over the Winter months and hopefully showcasing new work at BCTF and Spring Fling this year. Engraving through layers of opaque and translucent glass, looking for contrasts started me on the 'theme'.
I'm hoping that it will produce a more cohesive approach to my work and one that suits the thought processes already in place.

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