14 Feb 2009

A few things.....

Work is till going very slowly at the moment. I think it's because I have chosen to start working in a different way. I have built up a good 10 - 12 re-current galleries and bring in a few commissions that keep me ticking over so I decided not to fill in these gaps chasing new work but to concentrate on building a body of work, akin to a solo show. Larger, more sculptural pieces with more detailed surface work. My new diamond wheel lathe is on it's way and i can't wait to get working on that glass....i think this is why work is stalling at the moment, still, it's giving me plenty of time to work on designs.

A quick plug for another blog I am writing for, along with fellow Spring Fling committee member Hannah McAndrew. We are covering artists taking place in Spring Fling 09 with news stories and investigating some working practices....it's just started but a lot more content to come over the following months.

Spring Fling 09

23rd May to 25th May

Scotlands premiere Arts & Crafts Open Studio event......

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