12 Apr 2009

Part Three....Spring Article

This months 'Period Living' features my glass and a few probing questions on life, the universe and glass techniques.

It is also that time of year again when thoughts slowly move onto the imminent Spring Fling Open Studio event in Dumfries and Galloway, taking place over the May bank Holiday weekend 23rd - 25th May.....6 weeks away. I had quite a nice run up to it this year until BCTF but now with exhibitions, stocking and re-stocking about 6 galleries before hand, plus of course playtime with the new lathe it will be a bit squeaky. I still hope to have plenty of new work on show, an exhibition around my masterclass at North Lands Creative glass AND the Crocketford ladies providing excellent tea and cake for the Spring Flingers....phew.

This is Spring Flings 7th year and quite a special one for us as it is our first year as a Community Interest Company staffed by one great Spring Fling Co-ordinator, Rhiannon and 11 volunteer directors (myself included) and plenty of help and support still from the Arts Team at Dumfries and Galloways Council.

Click on the Spring Fling link to our wonderful new website full of info on the artist and makers, the routes to follow around the region and the many other places of interest to visit and events occurring over the weekend. You can order your very own catalouge from there too!.....

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ang said...

oh so very cool as usual, you're sounding extremely busy but all good i hope. The little tile project you inspired me on will be up soon, i deliver to the gallery next week, so thanks! and i'll post some pics soon, cheers ang