12 Apr 2009

Part Two....New Lease of Life

Late last year I was given the Craftmakers Award by the Scottish Arts Council and Dumfries and Galloway Council. After returning from North Lands Creative Glass following a masterclass with April Surgent and Jiri Harcuba I was quite obsessed with a new way of working. Up til now I have used a rotary shaft tool with diamond heads for most of my mark making on glass. This can be time consuming, painful (for me who has trouble with joint and muscle pain) and quite tight in terms of design. The award was giving for me to spend time on cameo engraving designs with a new piece of equipment.

After much research and trouble with exchange rates I finally ordered a Covington glass lathe from HIS Glassworks in the USA.....and Ta Da....it arrived in the chaos of getting ready for BCTF. I managed to find a space for it in the workshop but was very annoyed I couldn't get it up and running until my return.

I ordered several LARGE diamond wheels and am looking forward to loosening up my designs and less numb fingers!

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Helen said...

Bloomin' heck. Looks like it has taken up loads of space in your workshop, looking forward to coming and seeing it at SF. X