12 Apr 2009

...then three came along at once...Part One

After a bit of recovery time I'm back in Blogger land with lots of news. This was my second year at The British Craft Trade Fair (BCTF), last years being a bit of a disaster in terms of the work i displayed, I was determined to make an impact this time around. I booked a bigger stand and got to be next to Hannahs' stand (which made life easier and more fun). It was a little worrying this year with the economic turn down but most exhibitors were confident and had only seen a small slowing down in sales. Many of the visiting buyers were staying at the show for a couple of days to make more informed decisions, cautious not to make any mistakes. Having said all that I got a great response and picked up many new galleries and keeping hold of my current stock of suppliers.

A little extra icing on top....I was given a 'Highly Commended' in the BCTF Award for Excellence sponsored by Bluefin Insurance Services ltd.

Hannah had a more minimalist look for her stand this year with large unique feature pieces along with plenty of new ranges and designs. I thought it looked fantastic and loved the new set of plates in a tree design which are already growing for a large feature at Spring Fling '09.

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Helen said...

Me again, congratulations on your highly commended! Fabulous. Stand looks great, a very different vibe to the work and the layout. Can't wait to see it in the flesh. X