16 Jul 2009

New Flower bowls

Two new (would've been three but poor thing didn't survive the slump) flower bowls....above is Summer Hedgerow (wild raspberry, meadow sweet and teasel). This has both diamond point and diamond wheel engraving (muscles getting increasingly larger, this piece is 50cm in diameter and has been fired 4 times, three of them building layers of glass up to about 15mm in the centre....basically quite a heavy piece of glass).

Below is Summer Hedgerow (rosebay willowherb, clover and angelica )...similar size and construction. I'm having a great time this summer identifying the local wild flowers (i've been interested in them for the last few years but I now have two wild flower identification books....which help!).

Both bowls can be found at The Smithy Gallery in Blanefield, Glasgow (along with a selection of 'foxglove' vessels).

1 comment:

ang said...

wow totally cool love the red and green together