3 Jul 2009

Working Images

I take all my own images through need (as work goes out so near to deadlines....working on this one!) and also because I like the control of it and I can spend as much time as I want setting the shots up and playing. However, I needed some working images, me in the the workshop with my tools; I could have set up timed shots but I thought it would be good to get a fresh outlook on the subject (also far too busy and I would get side-tracked and work).

We are lucky here in Dumfries and Galloway as there is a wealth of creative people; I know some very good landscape, outdoor type photographers but was looking for someone who worked more with people....in comes Mr Kim Ayres. He visited me at Spring Fling with one of his lovely daughters and we had a good chat (Kim is married to textile artist Maggie Ayres so appreciated the madness that Spring Fling can be). Kim was in the process of building up his portrait portfolio and sent out an extremely good offer for a photo session and digital imagery manipulation.

As with most people having a camera pointed at you is not a pleasant experience, you think about about the many flaws you have and whether you really want them exposed. Kim had a way about him, he was taking photos whilst we chatted, most of the time without me realising (as his camera made no noise, I thought he was just playing with camera functions....he got a great shot whilst I was telling him my rabbit joke' the only joke I know!).
My brief for him was dramatic black and white shots of me working. I had visited his website and looked through the galleries which gave me a good enough idea that his shots and photo shopping had drama and were full of life. Here are a few from our session and you can see more on Kim's site here.


Hannah said...

Hi Mrs, beautiful pictures, absolutly lovely. They'll be very useful.

Kim Ayres said...

What a great blog post!

Thanks Amanda :)