14 Oct 2009

Origin no more

Back home now.....a very, very long show but excellent all the same. It's been great for me in terms of new gallery contacts and sales. Just trying to sort through these contacts and work out a plan for 2010!
Origin was a wonderful show to visit as well because plenty was going on....below is the Basketry Intervention (no contempoarary basket makers actually on the stands this year) a curated show of the top makers in the country.

Above is a shot of Katie Mcbrides ceramic stand. We met at Lustre last year, so it was great to meet up again. This time she was selling larger pieces which were fantastic....so pleased she had a really good show!
More stand pictures......
This large piece was Tales & Truths: The Village Totem.

I had many lovely visits over the week as well as staying with my mum on the way up and down. Above is Kim, my sister from Spain and Hannah, my star assistant!....couldn't have done it without her (I was so nervous whilst setting up I couldn't think straight).

....and then it was all over!


ang said...

wow glad you had a great show....hears to 2010...already!!

Helen said...

Hello. Lovely to see pictures. I am loving the Tales & Truths: The Village Totem piece! Fabulous. Did you get many Americans through at the show? Should imagine they would love your work! Looks great Amanda, well deserved!X