13 Nov 2009

A little light (sponge) relief

As it has been Vessel City here for months, two new cake stands going out yesterday has broken the trend. These can be found at The Green Gallery, Buchlyvie and Gracefield Arts Centre in Dumfries. New work also at Strathearn Gallery in Crieff and a vessel collection to The Smithy Gallery in Blanefield.
Christmas orders are nearly all out now, just a few more galleries to go, two shows (more about them later), teaching at Tullie House in Carlisle (tomorrow) and a talk in Castle Douglas......then it's time for some playing and super tidy for the workshop (time for a move round and clear out of junk that i think will be useful someday but probably brought with me from London and will never get used...oh joy...at least I have a very big pile of wood to get me through winter).


Artes da Lise said...

Hi Amanda
I love your work, i think it is very original and very beautiful. I am from Brazil and everytime i see your blog, i ask to me what technique you use to get this wonderful effect
Sadly i live too distant from you...
Congratulations for your marvellous work.

Best regards,

ang said...

hey AJ does someone make the centre handles for you?? looking very spiffy indeed..