8 Dec 2009

12 Pots of Christmas at McGill Duncan Gallery

Currently showing at McGill Duncan Gallery in Castle Douglas is the 12 pots of Christmas exhibition. Put together by Hannah McAndrew, 11 other artists decorating her beautiful pots...more can be seen here. My flask had a mixture of decoration, getting quite crazy, I really liked how it was left matt in some areas, showing the texture of some of the slip trailed decoration....thanks Hannah, it was fun as usual. Below is my second larger flask (which is now in my own collection).


ang said...

ooh very cool, super lighting too, you can see lots of lovely surface stuff..

ajsimmons said...

I've finally found some 'liquid glass' that I can 'sliptrail' onto and in my glass.....wondering if it will pour like hannahs lovely well sieved slip!!

ang said...

is it lovely frtted colour? sounds great..