17 Dec 2009

Mass Balance

This piece, called Mass Balance, was designed for a competition. It's about 44cm at the widest point and 26cm high. All kilnformed pieces, engraved and sandblasted, purely a sculptural piece which is quite difficult for me to do, there is still a struggle to produce something purely for the sake of it, no function. It's not that these pieces are hard concept wise or to make but taking that huge step from work people understand to work that often needs explaining.

If you want a reason for this piece...it's my statement on the retreat of glaciers worldwide. Mass balance can be used as a climate indicator; when the glacier is in positive mass balance (no melting) it will advance, when it is negative balance the glacier will retreat. Of course at the moment many of the worlds glaciers are in retreat.

The piece also relates to how glaciers shaped our landscape, picking up and depositing huge rocks and creating vast valleys.

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ang said...

love the precarious balancing..brilliant as always...