8 Jan 2010


It's been almost impossible creating work in this wonderful seasonal weather we are having as all my glass has many 'cold working' (literally!!) techniques once it has been fired. The kilns don't like working when the temperature is below freezing so I have to trick the thermocoupler in the kiln with a little extra heat. Cold working glass requires a lot of water to stop the glass overheating and cracking, however every drop of water in the workshop (and the water supply from the house to the workshop) is frozen solid. I've managed to rig up a system with big water containers that drip onto the flat bed diamond grinder and engraving tools so I can keep on working.

This piece is the first for 2010...Happy New Year...it's the biggest 'drop' vessel I've created which took on a life of it's own in the kiln whilst slumping. It's called 'Breathe' and will be a series of large kiln formed vessels based on calmness, stillness and the idea of life being a series of in and out breaths. As a child I used to think that we had a limited supply of air and would hold my breath a lot so that I would live longer.

....just to give you an idea of scale (it weighs 3kg).


ang said...

woah thats gorgeous and 3kg !! i made a slump dish at dougs that weighs 4kg imagine the fun i had getting that one home....that piece is a stunner and so glad you found a way to keep working... :Q

ajsimmons said...

Hi Ang
Thanks for the comment...I was so unhappy about posting it to a gallery a couple of days ago as I'd only just finished it...it felt like holding a baby! I can't imagine what it was like getting a 4kg pot half way across the globe!
Hope you're nice and toasty...I'm now choosing to ignore our bad weather, pretend it's not there...cheers amanda x

Christine H S said...

Beautiful, and it SO matches your gloves!

Anonymous said...

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