24 Jun 2010

Catch Up Posts

Yet another new template...but change is as good as a rest (not entirely sure thats true but worth a try!).

Been up to a few things recently but mostly struggling with ill health and kiln disasters, so not a huge amount of new work and a few Gallery shows had to be cancelled. Feeling stronger and just trying to catch up with myself and actually produce some good work.

New work has been at Designs in Castle Douglas for the past month (along with Adam Frew) and new work in Gracefield Arts Craft shop in Dumfries, end of an exhibition at New Ashgate Gallery in Farnham. Coming up will be an exhibition at Bircham Gallery in Holt and getting ready for the winter craft fairs. This year I will be at The Great Northern Show in Manchester for the first time and returning to Lustre in Nottingham.

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