24 Sep 2010

Glass at Origin

Andrea Walsh is directly opposite me at Origin this year and I have loved seeing her new work in the flesh....much better pictures here http://www.andreawalsh.co.uk/recent-work/. Andrea combines ceramics and glass quite sublimely,with the most amazing thin walled slipcast clay vessels and beautifully frit cast Bullseye glass.

Great to see Ruth Lyne here this year with a brilliant new body of work....again the pictures do her work no justice as the level of detail and texture in the panels is absorbing. Read more about Ruth here....http://www.ruthlyne.co.uk/

Kasia Czarnecka-Clarke returns this year with new work and a stunning chandelier made of such delicately fused glass pieces. Kasia's work makes use of the wonderful range of Bullseye colours with intricate lace texture....to see her lovely use of colour and form see here....http://www.formm.co.uk/index.htm


ang said...

hey that looks like a great show, hope you did well and what a trooper H is, its so nice to have assistance at shows..

ajsimmons said...

Cheers Ang....tip of the iceburg too, over 200 exhibitors in 7 days...so still 4 days to go!