18 Oct 2010

Rural Development Award Bowls

I have just delivered 5 big bowls down to New abbey, Rural Dumfries and Galloway LEADER programme. They commissioned me a couple of months ago to produce large bowls to present as awards at this years Dumfries and Galloways Rural Awards.
This group is a funding programme, set up in 2008, with the theme of 'revitalising communities' and help fund projects that help create vibrant, diverse and competitive communities. The communities were asked to highlight their issues and needs they thought their local areas needed. The main issues raised became 12 key priorities of the D&G LEADER programme. The shortlisted projects for this years award (and more details) can be found here.
The bowls are mostly a vivid transparent pink with mixed colour cameo engraved opaque leaves (the table tops are my lovely new plinths made by John Galvin).

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