8 Nov 2010

Christmas Shows in Dumfries

Delivered work to Dumfries this weekend for two shows of new work this Winter. Treasures is this years Gracefield Arts Centre Craft shop show....opening this saturday 13 November with seasonal fizz and mince pies 10am - 3pm.

Also opening on Saturday 1-3pm is 'Off the Wall', the Gracefield Christmas exhibition featuring work no bigger than 50cm x 50cm...runs til Christmas Eve. I have entered my first large scale 'proper' cameo engraved panel. I say proper because I have used engraving as more of a surface design or pattern before but this piece is just a little more detailed. I only had time to take a few shots before delivering it (always the case).

'Broken Hallelujah' 50cm diameter, Bullseye glass sheet and powder, diamond point engraving

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