15 Dec 2010

Colour Thinking

Thank you for all the replies to my pondering on colour and whether or not you can be creative with colours that you just don't like together (or separately). They were mixed responses and I felt all of them made sense.

I wanted to shake up my colour palette as I have been using about a core of 8 or so colours (looking back on my glass orders shows a distinct pattern) and thought I would take myself out of my comfort zone and try something new. I'm working on a project which involved abstracting colour from the constituents nature has put together. Looking at the colours I chose separately felt almost painful but putting the colours together as they appeared in nature improved the situation.

Now I am just working on getting the correct balance and how the colours sit together (there may be reactions with some of the colours that throws some interesting results into the mix). I will post some of the further experiments as for now I just can't face the samples I have done already never mind put them on here!


Linda b said...

Ooh I can't wait to see the new colours

ajsimmons said...

Hi Linda....HNY!.I've just put 3 large pieces into the kiln for their first firing, all coming from these new colour samples. I haven't been as brave as i was trying to be....but have used 4 new colours, interspersed with some old favourites!