22 Dec 2010

Glass Courses 2011

Great bit of news to finish the year off.....next year I have been asked to teach my version of the technique of forming vessels at Creative Glass in Austria and Switzerland. A 3 day course focusing on the basics of the forming of vessels with some colour experimentation, cameo engraving and mould making thrown in. I've yet to finalise the plan for the course (but will soon Erna I promise).....for now you can see dates and venue on the Creative Glass site here Click on contents and register to get more information.

.....they have just added Catherine Newell, Jeffrey Sarmiento and Klaus Moje (all represented by Bullseye Gallery) to the list for next year so well worth having a look!

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Noes said...

Hello Amanda
My name is Noes and I am one of your students in the Swissclass. I am looking forward to your class!!Made this month six dropouts for the first time in my life. Excitung!!Different Glass different Kilnscedules and very different results. They are unique but far from perfect. I have to cut and to do coldworking as well, but I wait with that, untill I visited your class. My question too you is, if it bothers you when I take them including all the fiascos with me too the class. Would be nice to hear from you. best regards Noes