15 Dec 2010

Victoria Scholes

Now it's a little quieter here in sunny Corsock I've a bit more time to reflect on the year and post something a little different other than what I'm up to.

A few months ago the chair of the Contemporary Glass Society, Victoria Scholes posted a blog piece about the challenge of pricing contemporary craft in the mid-range market and used my work as example after a visit to Origin this year...read it here.

The image above is from Victoria's 'Swathe' series (you can see more in the series that was featured at this years Glass Biennale on her website here). I'm intrigued by Victoria's work as you can't pigeon hole it into one group or another and is highly original. Reading more about her I see she comes from a science background too (originally trained as a pharmacist); I have met quite a few glass artists that have had science training....seems that glass as a medium attracts a mind that likes technical challenges and a tendency to a methodical practice. There are certain rules in glass making if you want a piece to make it through the kiln/casting/blowing process....of course they can be broken for arts sake but a collector spending hundreds or thousands on a piece would like to know it will outlast them!

I particularly like the 'Domestic Gospels' series of work from Victoria...from her website about this series and it's inspiration "Inspired by a scene from the Wizard of Oz where Dorothy, after all her technicolour adventures, goes back to her black and white (literally, film-wise) existence and announces that all her heart's desires can be found in her own backyard....." Quite a lesson for us all.

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