29 Jan 2011

Colin Tennant Photography

I took the chance of the upcoming Scottish Glass Society (SGS) Annual exhibition at Perth Museum, to try a new photographer. I've known Colin now for a couple of years as he was the Arts Officer at Gracefield Arts Centre in Dumfries. He has been working as a freelance photographer for the past 3 years since leaving Uni.

I was struck by the quiet intensity of his images on first viewing and his use of natural (or unnatural) lighting and hoped he would be able to bring something different to my work. He's not someone with a huge 'product' style back catalogue which is great for where I want my imagery to go with this larger scale work.

You can see a collection of his commercial and more fine art work here (http://www.colintennantphotography.co.uk/). I'm looking forward to seeing his work progress now he has more time to concentrate on it, and do hope we work together in the future (i have some plans for taking a series of images for my planned COLLECT work...keep watching this space!).

We met up in the week to get some catalogue images for Trove (SGS exhibition), brand new larger scale work for me, work even I hadn't photographed, so couldn't be that helpful in terms of views, so I left him too it out in the garden.

It's a collection of 3 vessels, one of which quickly became my favourite...posted here are a few of my favourites (I'm keeping the catalogue image until nearer the time, I chose it because it suited the theme of the work).

'We were but stones'

The pieces celebrate the dead, living and the lost and our journey back to stone after death.

"We were but stones; your light made us stars" E.Vedder 2000

The vessels are approx 30cm tall and 12-14cm diameter, all with diamond point cameo engraving....scariest cold working ever (having to raise my water feed to the flat bed diamond grinder up on 3 breeze blocks to keep it out of the way)...and these are just an interim size between the largest I had made before and the 'biggy'!

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Hannah said...

Hey hey hey!!! Fantastic stuff. I am very much looking forward to seeing them in the flesh. Wonderful!