8 Feb 2011

First Show of the Year

A much better start to this year, even though it's still been harsh making out in the cold workshop, I've managed to get 9 large slumps in the new casting kiln finished. Very happy that the transition from tiny to big has been relatively pain free.
I started with a very, very conservative firing schedule for the first big drop but soon realised I could use a very similar firing to those of the medium size. The vessels start to drop a bit quicker once half way down but that's because the firing elements go all the way down the sides of the kiln.
Coldworking the vessels once fired is a little trickier just because there is more mass wanting to go flying off the diamond flat bed grinder but apart from a few rims cracking a bit (no more than the small ones though) it's been an exciting development to my work. I've still to go to the very big (one in the kiln as I write) which I'm hoping for a little more diameter on the vessels. There may be a physics/gravity explanation for the diameter of the vessels coming from widely different mould sizes but I've only just begun on this new trip so will investigate further as the months go on.

First show of the year to open is the 'Spring Contemporary Craft Collection' at the New Ashgate Gallery in Farnham.....

"The New Ashgate Gallery has curated an exciting collection of nationally renowned craft makers for its Craft Gallery exhibition this spring. Known for selecting contemporary craft of the highest quality and skill, the gallery selected many of its makers at Origin and the 2010 London Craft Fair.

This show supports the development of both established and emerging craft makers, ensuring their work is visible to increasing numbers of craft collectors.

The majority of the artists on show in this collection are already admired at the gallery having exhibited with us before. Each season staff enjoy presenting a new range of these makers work each season. The collection includes ceramic, glass, jewellery, wood and textile works."
Opens February 11 - 23 April http://www.newashgate.org.uk/


ang said...

oh wow process stuff i love this!! :)) all the best with the transition to the large wares...love em all

LindaB said...

Wow, can you open the door when the kiln is hot? We can't do that with ceramics -it all cracks because of the stress between the glaze and clay body

ajsimmons said...

Thanks Ang and Linda for the wows!...brightening a very driech day here in D&G.
Linda, you have to be quick because you don't want the temperature to drop too much but is essential to see how the drop is going. With this new kiln I do have a convenient peep hole but once it has passed that I have to look. Opening whilst dropping at around 680 degrees C...so not massively high but you can do this with glass at higher temps too once fluid around 900 odd, quite fun to manipulate and comb the glass.

Veronica Newman said...

I too have some work in the new Ashgate Gallery Spring Contemporary Craft Collection and although I live in France I managed to get over to see the exhibition on Saturday, visiting the gallery for the first time. I thought your bowls were beautiful and I wondered how you make them, so it is fascinating seeing the photos of the work in the kiln. It always intrigues me how differently potters and glassmakers have to use heat in their work - you need it to make the material malleable while we potters need it to stop the clay being malleable!

ajsimmons said...

Thanks Veronica for your kind words...I see from your blog you follow my good friend Hannah McAndrew.
I haven't managed to get donw to Farnham yet as it's a long way too from here in Scotland and going down south always takes a long time...hopefully one day soon...lots of luck at the gallery, would like to see your pots in the flesh as I imagine the textures come alive.