11 Feb 2011

Seek & Adore to find great contemporary craft

Yesterday was the first live showing of the new Seek & Adore website.

"Seek & Adore is a community that helps artists, designer-makers and craft people sell direct to the public. It gives consumers easy access to beautiful, distinctive and handmade things for themselves and their home. Uniquely, Seek & Adore helps consumers get to know the person behind the product - their inspirations, how they make the product and what they are working on next – and, importantly, it gives makers a fair price for their goods. "

I haven't considered online selling too much until now as I have always felt you need to be able to touch and feel craft work. I love it when someone picks up one of my vessels and is surprised by it's smoothness and weight. They look very delicate but have heavy bottoms!

I think this site gives a little more to the viewer in terms of 'craft experience' and currently has a good selection of contemporary craft. My good friend Hannah is also trying it out too.

See what you think.....http://www.seekandadore.com/

My page is here....http://www.seekandadore.com/amandasimmons


Stereoette said...

Amanda, if you just heard gleeful shrieks coming all the way from America, it was me, TICKLED PINK because my Seek & Adore purchase from you arrived! I am thrilled and honored to have one of your pieces! it is going into a place of honor in my home. Thank you!!!

ajsimmons said...

Dear Joi

Fantastic news, really glad it got to you safely in one piece and that you like it!...thought I heard something!

Many thanks and hopefully this year I will make it over to the States.

Take care