12 Feb 2011

Spring Fling Taster Exhibition and the Birds

What fun this project was! This is the culmination of my working with colours I don't like challenge. We get so many birds visiting the garden and I love watching them and their behaviour; how they fight and which species likes what. I started with images of them flying about and eating and then abstracted the colours form these images. My three favorites out of many colour tests were blue tit, coal tit and goldfinch (probably the rarest visitor) but I also tried nuthatch, woodpecker, siskin and blackbird.

These were going to be tried in the new big kiln so needed to be quite bold in colour and texture. I started with small vessels first......

Colours chosen and fought over with much consternation, I then cast the big slabs needed for the slumps (about 2cm thick). The image on the post about the big kiln was goldfinch being slumped (having a look through the door once it had gone past the peep hole).

Each piece had been engraved pre-slump with some post-slump cleaning up and sandblasted. I liked the idea of these pieces being shown together as they are in the garden so I built a bird table from re-cycled Bullseye crates with my new set of hole saws I made three holes for the vessels to sit in (they have no bottoms as yet!).

The next part of the plan was to get some live bird action shots. Somehow I thought this would be easy, fill the vessels with lots of tasty treats and they'll come flying (even bought special disgusting...to a veggie, meal worms and beef suet with extra bugs!). The day of the shoot the birds were everywhere and even more blue tits than normal.

I had to remove the lesser spotted beardie from the garden!....I'm not known for my patience but I stood as still as a fidget could in a damp cold garden for sometime.

I love this shot of a blue tit hovering, checking out this huge blue thing full of food. It's probably a bit disconcerting but they came eventually....

I even got the coal tit on coal tit! I didn't get the shots I really wanted (will try again I think after the taster exhibitions) but not bad for a first attempt.
The piece is now on show in Stranraer for the first of the Spring Fling Open Studios Taster Exhibitions......also will be on show at Spring Fling Studio 47 if you're in the area 28-30 May
Stranraer Museum
12 February – 12 March
The Old Town Hall
George Street
01776 705088
Open weekdays from 10am – 5pm
Open Saturday from 10am – 1pm & 2pm – 5pm

Gracefield Arts Centre
19 March – 7 May
28 Edinburgh Road
01387 262084
Open Tuesday to Saturday from 10am – 5pm


Zoe said...

Love the blue tit sitting on the blue vessel - perfect colours!

Zoe x

doug Fitch said...

Lovely stuff - and I'll resist the temptation ;)

ajsimmons said...

Thanks Zoe and Doug....now i had you down Doug as one of the most likely to be rude! so I apologise for thinking the worst of you....cheers A

ang said...

hahahah... totally digging your stand!!

Linda B said...

These are beautiful. You have proved it is possible to work with colours you don't like (although I think these colours are lovely)

ajsimmons said...

Thanks Ang and Linda.....notice i didn't take too much of the acid yellow in the images (or the red0.. the colours definitely worked for the project but apart from using them again for some smaller versions for galleries I don't see them appearing soon!