9 May 2011

Revolution at The Harley Gallery

I have been invited to take part in Revolution opening today at The Harley Gallery in Welbeck 9 May - 20 June, I sent a collection of Dark Skies, Bright City and some Labyrinths of Love.

From The Harley Gallery website:

"The Harley Gallery Craft Shop is being hijacked by Hannah Obee, curator at Chatsworth, who is taking over with a revolutionary display from 9 May - 20 June. She will draw inspiration from Welbeck’s Portland Collection and Chatsworth’s Devonshire Collection to show how craft fits into the rich history of these stately homes, focusing on the Royalist and Baroque styles of the 17th Century.
The 17th century saw uprising and change, with the Civil War and the Glorious Revolution. The Cavendish families at Welbeck and Chatsworth were deeply involved with both of these revolutions.

The family heroes and heroines include Lady Jane Cavendish, who was left in charge at Welbeck to host visits by King Charles 1 and defend the Estate against the parliamentary army. Local legends say that she even buried the treasured family silver in the grounds to save it from the approaching troops.

The Revolutionary Craft Shop will give visitors the opportunity to buy contemporary pieces inspired the fashions of Lady Jane Cavendish's day - pieces to treasure and care for (but we can't recommend burying your favourite pieces in the garden).

Some setting up of the exhibition images can be seen here.

The Curated Craft Shop project at The Harley Gallery is part of museumaker, a prestigious national project involving sixteen museums across four participating regions. museumaker is supported by Arts Council England (ACE), Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (MLA) and its Renaissance Programme


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