9 May 2011

Some excellent news

I relocated from London to Dumfries & Galloway almost 6 years ago now and have been working full time in glass for the last 5 years but have only exhibited a couple of times in the city since I've been here.Over the weekend I received official confirmation that I've been accepted as a member of Contemporary Applied Arts in London.

From their website:

"Contemporary Applied Arts was founded in 1948, as The Crafts Council of Great Britain, preceding the current Crafts Council as the national representative for craft. In 1967, it became the British Crafts Centre, and in January 1985, Contemporary Applied Arts (CAA). Formerly located in Hay Hill and Covent Garden, CAA has been at its current location in Percy Street since 1995.

CAA is a registered charity set up to promote and champion British craft. CAA is the premiere exhibition and retail venue for learning about, appreciating and purchasing contemporary craft. The organization offers dedicated exhibition and retail space across two floors with a changing programme of shows and associated events."

I will be showing new work in the shop as soon as I can get some down to them and hopefully followed by a focus exhibition later on in the year.


ang said...

how brilliant is that !! congrats!!!

Christine said...

Coooool and well deserved!So nice to get official recognition - WE knew that you're work is great. Now London does too, hurray!

ajsimmons said...

Thanks ladies! I feel in very good company and looking forward to getting work down to them asap....after Spring Fling though!

doug Fitch said...

That's great news, congratulations. Hannah and I went in there the day before we flew out - it's a fab space. I hope you had a good time in the States, it was a shame our paths didn't cross