9 May 2011

Teaching Kilnformed Vessels in Zurich

This March I was invited out to Creative Glass in Zurich to teach my first 'drop-out' course or kilnformed glass vessels. Above is some starting points for colour inspiration and below a photo shoot for our first tester vessels (mostly to learn how the kilns I wasn't familiar with worked and where the hotspots if any existed in the kiln and also to give the students there first piece to coldwork).

Here we can see one of the kilns with 6 vessels after the slumping firing.

 The coldworking!....diamond flat bed grinding the rims of the vessels.

 We also had a quick look at engraving and this was one of the students experiments. It was a great course and I really enjoyed giving the presentations of my work and how I'm inspired by colour. There was a little language barrier but Erna (one of the owners at Creative Glass and a wonderful glass artist herself) spent much of the course translating for me and the students. There was a waiting list for the course so hopefully going back to Zurich later this year. I'll be running the same course in Austria next month and we are trying to plan one in the UK in Rochester this year.

Many thanks to all at Creative Glass who made this possible and with great hospitality and also to the students who were all glass artists themselves for being patient and interested in learning about kiln formed vessels.

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