23 May 2011

Trove Exhibition

On a mad trip of over 300 miles running around the Scottish countryside picking up work I finally managed to get to Trove - the annual Scottish Glass Society exhibition at Perth Museum & Art Gallery.

Thouroughly enjoyed it, so many different styles of glass displayed next to the original museum piece that inspired the glass work. I really loved my little stone beaker.

The Museum put a written piece next to the beaker which I didn't have at the time of inspiration. With the help of language-gifted husband we translated the inscription on the beaker as stone for the the dead...equally could have been a stone for Peter, recently deceased or for the beaker itself as perhaps it was used to administer poison. It was thought to grace the table of a nobleman or well-to-do merchant at the end of the middle ages.

Thank you to the Scottish Glass Society team that organised and displayed the exhibition and to the hosts Perth Museum (and thank you for letting me take images).

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