8 Jun 2011

A Day Out

.....still haven't had time to write up USA visit or COLLECT but will soon!

In the meantime Hannah McAndrew and I had a day trip to Ruthin Craft Centre in North Wales. Mainly to see the last few days of Slip...
(Hannah McAndrews Humbug mugs by Shannon Tofts)
" Slip....Looks at the diverse styles of makers whose
work falls under the banner of ‘slipware’. This technique is deep rooted within ancient methods of ceramic decoration for example Thomas Toft in the 17th century. Through their skilled use of clays and slips these 21st century artists present a thought-provoking and innovative collection of decorative ceramics.

From traditional approaches to the most modern interpretations, Slip… promises to inform and excite. " From the Ruthin website.

It's a wonderful exhibition and introduced to me some new potters working in this medium, great to visit with someone who can answer all my questions too. I treated myself to a new Doug Fitch mug (to replace for now my lovely Andy Priestman mug I broke on the morning of an interview I had last week....didn't think I was nervous but obviously my body was...more about that bit of good news soon!). We agreed on our favourite piece of the exhibition, a very large dish/plate by Dylan Bowen (it was sold already which probably saved both our bank balances).

We had a very tasty lunch in the restaurant (where people were queuing to come in!) and I delivered some new pieces for the shop. Always good to see where the work is going and what other makers they stock. An excellent range of top contemporary craft makers in the shop displayed really well. Shame we only had the day to spend away from our practices as I would have loved to visit my sister-in-law across the border in Shropshire....soon Alix!
Thought I was having a quiet Summer this year but seem to have a very long list of to-do's!....some great new galleries coming up and an exciting exhibition in London later this year which I really have to get on.....

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