2 Jun 2011

Post Spring Fling '11

All over for another year.....This was my best ever, so thank you to the 550 odd visitors that came to see me in Corsock, not being part of a cluster or studio group and in the middle of nowhere (well, the middle of D&G but far out from any of the big towns) I am always amazed at the level of visitors that come out to play over the Spring Fling weekend. Great sales and a massive clear out so I'm ready to start working again. A new gallery in Oxford to supply and work for Contemporary Applied Arts in London to begin.

This was my studio set-up this year before the crowds and there wasn't much left by the time of closing on the Monday. A big thank you also to my sister-in-law Susie who came up from London to help out this year...a great new gallery assistant!

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ang walford said...

brilliant.... so happy for you that it was a successful fling!!