13 Sep 2011

Big Burns Supper in Dumfries

BIG BURNS SUPPER - 27th / 28th January 2012


Big Burns Supper is Dumfries's newest multi-disciplinary festival of contemporary 
performing arts, providing an annual platform for the most innovative music, 
theatre, visual arts, dance, live arts and anything else you want to do. 

We celebrate new and emerging artists and fresh approaches to performance in all 
disciplines, nurturing artistic ambition and excellence.  It is an opportunity to innovate, 
to cross disciplines and boundaries, and find new ways and places to create work. 

We are especially interested in communities creating their own 'modern' Burns Suppers.

We invite artists,communities and companies to submit ideas, for further information
or to submit an idea, please visit; 

Dumfries - Vibrant. Creative Southern Capital

Dumfries is set to play host to the worlds biggest Burns celebration
through a new national festival aimed at attracting international and
domestic visitors to the town in January 2012.

Festival organisers of the Big Burns Supper presented their vision to the
public at The Robert Burns Film Centre on Tuesday which is supported from
the likes of First Minister, Alex Salmond, and political leaders
throughout Scotland.

Throughout the weekend of the 27th - 28th January 2012, the festival team
hope to throw the biggest party the town has ever seen by presenting a
variety of performances for the entire community including a wide variety
of venues, pubs, cafes and public spaces, and they are looking to the
people of Dumfries to stand up and show the rest of Scotland what we can

T. 0800 689 9405
Big Burns Supper Dumfries - What will you do?
27th - 28th January 2012.

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