26 Sep 2011

Day 6 - colour pondering

....from Nybster Broch.

I've been driving around today and lots of thinking, linking many of the themes together and now finally thinking about glass and an end product. A quick visit to Latheronwheel Harbour and some wonderful pretzels and Bavarian sweet mustard made by Patty Niemann this evening (following dinner with 3 types of potato).

Not sure why but having difficulty with colour choice; this is normally one of the first things I think about, but spent much more time on concept/story that colour had taken a back seat, hoping I can sort this tomorrow as only two full days left (leaving a day early, so Thursday is tie-together day and home!). Last night was a break through on form but disturbed nights sleep as researching parabolic reflectors (offset Gregorian models made by fifteenth century astronomers) and swallow migration til late into the morning.

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