29 Sep 2011

Day Eight - The end is near

Wonderful today, the sun was out, it felt like summer and even though my last full day, I didn't feel too sad. More thinking about what I've encountered in the last week and a trip to Wick to visit the Old Pulteney distillery. We visited Patty Niemann's studio, must get myself a blown glass lobster claw one day...love her colours and the beautiful silver work. The best bit of the day was dinner at Lani & Dans, owners of Bullseye Glass and big supporters of the residency and North Lands Glass. An amazing dinner and just a great end to my time here at North Lands, relaxing in a beautiful setting surrounded by some of the best kiln formed glass art....again pure joy.

Above, hiding in the alcove, the wonderful Jo,our mum for the week and provider of the great food and entertainment throughout the residency.

This is an image of the whole group, group leaders and Lani & Dan...I did get several of them all looking at me and smiling but I took this just before and think it shows how comfortable the whole group was.

Still have the day tomorrow to put together my presentation of the residency. This is a little difficult as I don't have any conclusions, many questions still and so much more thought to what I could make from all these ideas and experience.

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