24 Sep 2011

Day Four - work in progress

Last nights dancing was a hit....much laughter over some of the events of the evening and our general lack of coordination (mostly our group looking slightly bemused about the next dance).

Such a wonderful day, almost summer,so I got back out into the land and the Causeymire wind farm and then returned to the croft house which we visited as a group on the first day. It was good to go back in the sun and reminded me of holidays as a kid on a cliff top in Norfolk.

Now feel some connection back to the building, linking my ideas from story telling about the buoys and the silver light which spreads across the water blindingly.

Today I did put a bit of glass in the kiln and attempted a vessel form from just one sheet of glass which I will try projecting my movies of the sea and light once I've done a little coldworking (but not as a finished piece, sampling to keep taking the ideas forward).

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