27 Sep 2011

Day Seven - Many possibilities in half hour

Today started in the studio trying to work out logistics and design for the 'finished' idea for the residency. Playing with models and cut out light pictures but still struggling with any colour choice and the validity of my ideas so by lunchtime an awful headache, a quick walk down to the harbour and then back out to the places I love in this area. The sea and cliffs are amazing but there is something that really draws me into the land and somewhere I just love to sit and watch the world go by. Without fail, coming out from the studio and sitting in the car with the radio on or walking about outside somehow makes room for your thoughts and puts them into perspective. I stopped worrying about final visions and made time just to be here and soak up as much light, sky, sea and land I can. It is just too beautiful to be fretting over which colour blue accurately described a stormy morning out at sea.

Five images taken over half an hour sitting next to the Causeymire wind turbines on the road to Thurso. It's not just the large white moving sculptural elements that catch my attention but just how much sky goes by in a short amount of time.

Links to the masterclass Blog posts from 2008 for more images of the interior of Caithness:

Last full day tomorrow and I still don't have any major plans but I have, for now, answered some questions about my work and practice and collected enough imagery and ideas to last me all winter.

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