22 Sep 2011

Day Two Round Up

Our first day was quite intense, taking in a lot of information about our starting points with the three architectural sites around Lybster....many hundreds of images later and a day of getting some of the forming ideas down on paper. As you can see I was quite taken with the buoys in the harbour. Last time at North Lands the lobster pots were about but I don't remember as many of the brightly coloured globes. Normally my thoughts go straight to glass and the design process (thinking about the 3D object first and then working backwards to the starting point in the kiln) but as there is no urgency to produce finished work I have felt today I could really play with some ideas and link them together into a story.

I needed to drive further inland this afternoon as we were having a beautiful day and had spent most of it at my desk. From my first visit here in 2008 I knew it was a landscape that I connected with; huge skies, fast moving, a non-depressing bleakness.....mostly because a lot less trees than Dumfries and Galloway and vistas that stretch right across your view. All connected by the sea and the extra light the openness of the land and high cliffs bring; pure joy.

Below two images from our site visit at St Mary's Church in Lybster...Karlyn Sutherland (with the black hat) the residency's site co-ordinator, originally from Lybster (currently finishing her Ph.D. in architecture and sense of place) also makes glass...images here. Also the work of our residency leaders Steve Klein and Richard Parrish

More about the residency and different views of the croft house here at the Bullseye Blog http://www.bullseyeglass.com/weblog/2011/09/20/waiting-in-place/#more-3605

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